What Marketing Materials Do I Need?

In order to walk potential investors through your business, you need to put together marketing materials. At a minimum, you want to create the following materials:

  • A pitch deck.  This provides a high-level, but comprehensive view of your organization.  This should be a 15-20 page deck that walks through the key attributes of your business.
  • A projection model.  This should be a reasonably detailed model that depicts what you project the business will look like over the next three to five years.

A one-page summary can also be helpful.  You can send this early on in the process to weed out investors who won’t be a fit for your business and avoid sending a lot of sensitive information.  At a minimum, a one-page summary should include:

  • A quick description of what your company does and your product/service offering.
  • Investment Highlights:  These are concise bullet points that walk through the attractive attributes of your business.
  • Date founded
  • Location
  • Number of employees
  • High-level historical and projected financial profile (revenue and EBITDA at a minimum)
  • Transaction interests
  • Amount of capital you are seeking (if growth capital)
  • Use of proceeds
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