Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Capital Raise?

Yes.  You should always hire a lawyer to help you with a capital raise.

You don’t just need a lawyer, you need a lawyer who specializes in capital raising and has represented many similar types of deals.  Transaction-focused lawyers know the ins and outs of raising capital and can make sure you are protected and get a fair deal.

If your current legal representation doesn’t specialize in these types of transactions, you need to seek new representation.

What Should a Good Lawyer Help You do?

A good lawyer will provide legal assistance throughout the capital raise process. Here’s a general overview of what they will help you do:

  • Make sure your corporate legal documents are in good shape to share
  • Draft a template non-disclosure agreement to send to investors
  • Help you evaluate and negotiate term sheets
  • Help you prepare and negotiate transaction documents and amendments to the corporate documents
  • Provide advice on what terms are “market”
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Potentially connect you with investors who could be interested in the deal
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