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Investment Strategy

Small to midsized businesses (“SMBs”) are the foundation of our economy, yet this market is underserved by traditional capital sources.  ROND’s investment strategy allows us to be the best possible private equity partner for SMBs.

Investment Profile

  • Investment size:  Up to $5 million in initial funding with follow-on reserves for future growth opportunities.

  • Transaction types: Minority and majority recapitalizations, growth capital, acquisition financing and change-of-control buyouts

Company Profile

  • Ownership: Founder controlled

  • Management: Motivated and exceptional leaders

  • Revenue:  Up to $15 million

  • Profitability:  Cash flow positive

Industry Focus

ROND’s investment strategy allows us to partner with great companies, regardless of industry or sector.  A few of the industries we focus on are listed below:

  • Healthcare Services & Technology

  • Business Services

  • Distribution

  • Contract Manufacturing