Imagine this situation:

You are a professional football player.  Your career is on the upward swing, and you’re talking to your coach about advancing to the next level.  Your coach tells you the following:  “To advance your career, you need to win a ballet competition.”

This is what it’s like for an entrepreneur who raises outside capital for the first time.  To raise capital, entrepreneurs must learn an entirely new set of rules and strategies they may never use again.

Some entrepreneurs forgo the “learning” part and jump right into a capital raise with little to no prep work.  This tactic works successfully for only a small percentage of entrepreneurs, and it’s usually because they already know the right investors.

For the majority who try this approach, they end up looking like an NFL lineman in a tutu. If they do manage to raise capital, they waste valuable resources and usually leave meaningful value on the table.

Savvy entrepreneurs do their research and seek out advice and input from trusted advisors before raising capital.  They are thoughtful in preparing for a capital raise and in approaching investors.

This Capital Raise Prep Guide is designed to empower you with the general information and tools every entrepreneur should have at their disposal before raising capital.  It will make you better prepared to raise capital and ultimately rock that tutu.