How to Evaluate Private Equity Firms

There are thousands of private equity firms.  As a business owner, how do you know which one is the best partner for your business? How do you avoid choosing the wrong partner? Unfortunately for entrepreneurs, there is no “Yelp for private equity firms.”  There are a few online portals which serve as a starting [...]

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Business Valuation Calculator

Beta Release The business valuation calculator provides a rough estimate of the valuation range that a professional buyer would place on a business.  We’ve also taken our business valuation tool a step further and added features to help business owners calculate their sale proceeds or post-capital raise ownership. ROND's business valuation calculator is currently in Beta [...]

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How Private Equity Firms Increase Business Growth

While we don't have a magic fairy wand to drive growth in a business, private equity firms do have an arsenal of tactics that they deploy to help entrepreneurs grow a business. This post highlights five tactics private equity firms use to generate growth. 1. Evaluate Your Business With a Fresh Set of Eyes [...]

PE Insider Series: What Makes an Attractive Private Equity Investment

At ROND, we see the private equity world a bit differently.  We believe our industry needs more transparency and business owners deserve more information when deciding whether or not private equity makes sense for their businesses. To help crack open our industry and shed light on the way private equity [...]

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The Private Equity Process: An Entrepreneur’s Epic Adventure

Who doesn’t love an epic adventure story?  Whether it’s the Lord of the Rings or Frozen (admit it, you love that movie), watching a person overcome the odds is exciting.  I get that same feeling during private equity processes, and I realized it’s because these processes mirror the formula for an epic adventure.  The [...]

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Nashville’s Investor Ecosystem: Angel Groups to Private Equity

“What venture capital or private equity firms should I talk to in Nashville?” I hear some version of this question at least three times a week.  With Nashville coming in at #20 on Forbes’ list of America’s Fastest Growing Cities, there is no shortage of entrepreneurs, job seekers or professionals who want to connect [...]

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Is a Private Equity Firm the Right Move for Your Company?

As an entrepreneur, you spend years nurturing and growing your business - it’s your baby.  You’ve seen it through the stumbles and the falls and you know what’s best for it!  Once you’re successful, with a fully grown business, private equity suitors will start to call on it.  There will come the time when [...]

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Navigating the Different Types of Investors

How do you sort through a myriad of investors to find the right choice for your business?  Whether a startup or established business, narrowing down the large number of investor to the right types of investors is a crucial step in the capital raising process.  The stage of your businesses and growth strategy will largely determine which investors [...]

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What the Heck is Private Equity

Most conversations start out innocently enough.  “Hi, what’s your name?” “Where are you from?” “Check out these pictures of my dog.” But then it always happens…  You hear it…  The four most dreaded words known to anyone who works in private equity.  “What do you do?” Unlike the teaching and medical [...]

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