Capital Raise Checklist

If you can answer yes to all these questions, then you are ready to raise capital now.  If you can’t, each question in this checklist is also a link which will provide you with more information.

Capital Raising 101:

  1. Do you know why you are raising capital?
  2. Do you know what a typical capital raise process looks like?
  3. Do you know what the different types of capital are?
  4. Do you know the pros and cons of raising capital?
  5. Do you know which business characteristics are attractive to investors?
  6. Are you knowledgeable about professional investors?

Create the Right Strategy For Your Business

  1. Do you know what your company’s valuation range will be?
  2. Do you know how investors will view your business?
  3. Do you know what type of capital makes sense for your business?
  4. Do you know how much capital you want to raise?
  5. Does it make sense to raise capital now?

Prepare the Smart Way For an Equity Capital Raise

  1. Do you have a good transaction lawyer signed up?
  2. If you are hiring an Advisor, have you signed one up?
  3. Have you looped in all the appropriate people, including employees, investors, board members, vendors, etc. to help you?
  4. Do you have all the information you’ll be sharing with investors organized?
  5. Do you have good marketing materials put together to share with investors?
  6. Do you have the right information in your investor deck?
  7. Do you have a defensible projection model put together?
  8. Do you know what legal documents you need?
  9. Do you know how to stage your capital raise process?
  10. Do you have a target list of investors put together?

Managing Your Marketing and Diligence Process

  1. Do you know how to get in front of investors?
  2. Do you know how to handle initial investor meetings?
  3. Do you know how to evaluate investors?
  4. Do you know what questions investors will ask you?
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