Introducing Private Equity Insider: A Private Equity Blog for Entrepreneurs

Private Equity Insider Launch

Welcome to the launch of ROND’s private equity insider blog.  If I had my way, this launch would take place at a swanky cocktail reception with a fireworks display.  Sadly, we have a modest budget for the launch (aka we have no budget), so hopefully, this post can stand on its own.

Genesis of Private Equity Insider

For me, one of the most rewarding aspects of a career in private equity is getting to work with rockstar entrepreneurs.  These men and women are experts.  They know more about their respective industries and customers than I could ever hope to learn.  However, despite their knowledge and operational prowess, most of these rockstars share a common trait.  They know very little about the private equity industry.

At first glance, this isn’t concerning.  These people have businesses to run. They don’t need to become experts on purchase agreements or pro forma models to successfully run their companies.  Besides, when they are ready to sell their businesses or raise capital, they can always use the internet to access tons of great information to make informed decisions. Right?  Right??? 

Not quite.  The reality is that there is a severe lack of credible information out there to help entrepreneurs make informed decisions when contemplating a sale or capital raise.  If you don’t hire a knowledgeable M&A adviser (more on that in a later post), you’re pretty much flying blind.  If you Google “how to sell my business,”  the results are mostly generic, bullet point lists written by individuals that have no M&A experience.  Is this the information that entrepreneurs are supposed to rely on for the most significant business decision they will ever make? As an entrepreneur, how are you supposed to start the process of selling your business, let alone know whether you are making the right decisions along the way?

What Drives This Lack of Information?

I blame this lack of information on the fact that M&A professionals are awful at marketing.  As a profession, we live in a dark marketing cave and sleep between the thrown out ambulance chaser billboards and used car advertisements.  That’s how bad it is.  Where every other industry mass produces content relevant to their consumers, we still safeguard all our knowhow and expertise for fear that giving it away will eliminate our competitive edge.

Our Mission: A Private Equity Blog for Entrepreneurs

At ROND, we want to help plug the information gap by providing a private equity blog that focuses on the topics that matter to entrepreneurs.  Our goal is to be an online resource providing content that is relevant to the decisions they need to make around raising capital, selling a business, buying a business and operational best practices.  We may also slip in some shameless self promotion from time to time…don’t judge.

We hope that you enjoy our upcoming posts and welcome your feedback on the private equity insider blog.  If you have something to add to a topic or are interested in being featured in a guest post, please contact us here.

ROND Capital is a Nashville-based private equity firm that provides liquidity and growth capital to entrepreneurs who are focused on building profitable and sustainable businesses.

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Danielle is the CEO and Fund Manager of ROND Capital, a Nashville-based private equity firm.

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