Competition and Problem Solving

 By Danielle O'Rourke - January 12, 2018 We may get 1-2 inches of snow today, which means the city of Nashville is practically shut down.  As a life-long Midwesterner, I still find the South’s reaction to snow hilarious.  Nevertheless, I will not be leaving the house today. Stay safe and warm. Topic of the [...]

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Budget Blunders

 By Danielle O'Rourke - December 22, 2017 I received a record number of warm holiday messages the last few weeks, which inspired me to send out my own uplifting, seasonally appropriate, religiously ambiguous, gender neutral, culturally sensitive greeting. (There should be a picture below. If it's not, enable photos in your email) I hope [...]

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Death of Net Neutrality & Internet

 By Danielle O'Rourke - December 8, 2017 Italy was a wonderful and much needed, although short, vacation.  I'm back in the office and finally caught up, just in time for the corporate world to shut down for the holidays. To the Newsletter: Topic of the Week: Death of Net Neutrality & The Internet Next [...]

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Energy and Spirituality Metrics

 By Danielle O'Rourke - October 6, 2017 I received great feedback on last week's topic on NDA Aversion.  I didn't have time to organize it all for distribution this week, but I will have it done by next week. Topic of the Week: Energy and Spirituality Metrics A few days ago, the entire field of [...]

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Visible Revenue

 By Danielle O'Rourke - September 15, 2017   Topic of the Week: Visible Revenue Some people think finance professionals lack creativity. I’d like to put that notion to bed once and for all. I’ve seen first-hand the level of creativity finance professionals utilize when creating financial projections. In fact, I would say the only [...]

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Trademark Database

 By Danielle O'Rourke - September 8, 2017 After last week's ICO newsletter, I received a lot of feedback. Some positive. Some negative. Instead of sharing it all, I wanted to share one follow-up comment: The cost of launching a legitimate ICO is nothing to scoff at. Blockchain development resources are expensive, lawyer fees to [...]

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