Are You Proving Your Value Proposition?

 By Danielle O'Rourke - March 29, 2017 Welcome to the first official ROND newsletter! We had nearly 200 folks sign up in the first week, with more pouring in each day. I’m excited that our vision for the newsletter is resonating, but I also can’t help thinking in the back of my mind: What [...]

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Grow Your Business by Proving Your Value Proposition

I once asked an entrepreneur a very simple question.  How do you know that your customers are receiving value?  He looked at me confused and said, “If they weren’t receiving value, then they wouldn’t be customers.” While this answer may sound reasonable, it’s not. When I spoke with his customers to learn about their [...]

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The Private Equity Process: An Entrepreneur’s Epic Adventure

Who doesn’t love an epic adventure story?  Whether it’s the Lord of the Rings or Frozen (admit it, you love that movie), watching a person overcome the odds is exciting.  I get that same feeling during private equity processes, and I realized it’s because these processes mirror the formula for an epic adventure.  The [...]

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Nashville’s Investor Ecosystem: Angel Groups to Private Equity

“What venture capital or private equity firms should I talk to in Nashville?” I hear some version of this question at least three times a week.  With Nashville coming in at #20 on Forbes’ list of America’s Fastest Growing Cities, there is no shortage of entrepreneurs, job seekers or professionals who want to connect [...]

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