Is a Private Equity Firm the Right Move for Your Company?

As an entrepreneur, you spend years nurturing and growing your business - it’s your baby.  You’ve seen it through the stumbles and the falls and you know what’s best for it!  Once you’re successful, with a fully grown business, private equity suitors will start to call on it.  There will come the time when [...]

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Navigating the Different Types of Investors

How do you sort through a myriad of investors to find the right choice for your business?  Whether a startup or established business, narrowing down the large number of investor to the right types of investors is a crucial step in the capital raising process.  The stage of your businesses and growth strategy will largely determine which investors [...]

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What the Heck is Private Equity

Most conversations start out innocently enough.  “Hi, what’s your name?” “Where are you from?” “Check out these pictures of my dog.” But then it always happens…  You hear it…  The four most dreaded words known to anyone who works in private equity.  “What do you do?” Unlike the teaching and medical [...]

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Introducing Private Equity Insider: A Private Equity Blog for Entrepreneurs

Private Equity Insider Launch Welcome to the launch of ROND's private equity insider blog.  If I had my way, this launch would take place at a swanky cocktail reception with a fireworks display.  Sadly, we have a modest budget for the launch (aka we have no budget), so hopefully, this post can stand on its [...]

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